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Expert Valuations

The ability to appraise a property's worth - whether on a capital or rental basis - is fundamental to almost every aspect of our work. We have several years experience in the North East property market having witnessed the slowdown in the early 1990's and observing massive changes through regeneration of key areas.

We are often called on by solicitors and accountants to provide advice and expert reports on a property's value and act as an expert witness. 

Other related services relevant to both commercial and residential properties include: -

Our residential valuation experts are regularly called on to provide expert valuation advice for matrimonial disputes, probate and capital gains tax. We also provide portfolio valuations of investment properties and "Buy to Let".

Contact David JohnsonAndrew Tucker or Malcolm Angus for commercial or and residential properties.

David Johnson, Andrew TuckerDaniel Capobasso and Malcolm Angus are all RICS Registered Valuers.